We are the ultimate resource to hack and mod your PlayStation Classic. Learn how to add more games and play games from different consoles on your PlayStation Classic. There are three tools you can use to mod your console including AutoBleem, BleemSync, and RetroBoot. We will go over each tool and let you decide which one you want to use. Overall, each one achieves the same function which allows you to add games to your PlayStation Classic, but some of the functionalities differ.

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AutoBleem vs. BleemSync vs. RetroBoot

These are all tools that let you add games and play games from different consoles on your PlayStation Classic. We will first start with AutoBleem.


AutoBleem is a fine balance between BleemSync and RetroBoot. It has it’s own interface with changeable themes and you can even add your own. This interface replaces the system’s default main menu and changes the layout.

AutoBleem uses RetroArch to play games from different consoles, so if you are trying to play a non-PS1 game, you will need to boot RetroArch which can be done in the main menu.

The tool is incredibly easy to install. You simply load the program onto your USB flash drive, add your ROM files, and connect it to the second controller USB port. That’s it. The mod runs off of your USB drive so it doesn’t make any changes to the console itself.

Learn more about AutoBleem and how to setup.


BleemSync is similar to AutoBleem where it uses its own interface. The interface replaces the console’s default layout but is very similar (you can even change it to the console’s default theme). What makes BleemSync stand out is it actually modifies the internal console’s files which allows it to accept all USB flash drives and OTG adapters, whereas the other two programs can only use compatible USB flash drives.

BleemSync uses RetroArch to run games from other consoles which can be accessed from the main menu.

Out of all the tools, BleemSync is the most complicated to install and since it does modify the console you will need to make sure you keep the backup kernel files safe, otherwise you will not be able to restore the console in case anything goes wrong. Don’t let this scare you though, it really isn’t that hard to install and is very safe.

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RetroBoot basically lets you use a version of RetroArch onto your PlayStation Classic. It’s the bare minimum tool and uses minimal resources. You can add more PlayStation games and games from other consoles and they will all be loaded through RetroBoot’s version of RetroArch. If you are not familiar with RetroArch, it’s basically an emulator thats highly configurable to play all types of ROM files.

RetroBoot is super easy to install (similar to AutoBleem). You load the program onto your USB flash drive, add your games, and connect the drive to the second controller USB port. The mod runs off of the USB drive and does not make changes to the internal files.

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